Top 5 Most Popular Brands in 32 Inch LED TV (India)

Are you looking for most popular brand in 32 inch tv for Indian market? Here is our guide which will help you to get the list of most popular brands of tv(in 32 inch size) based on some research and users ratings. We have included and researched for so long that now we have shortlisted some of the most popular brands here. Do check out the research and choose the best 32 inch tv from popular brand for your home.

Top 5 Most Popular Brands in 32 Inch LED TV (India)

32 inch led tvIn India there are many brands like LG, Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, Micromax, VU and many more new brands are now available in India with latest technology LED TV in 32 inch size. Below is list of popular brands of LED TV manufacturing company which are rated by expert reviewer IamDeepa on their blog.

#1 Samsung

This South Korean brand is the most popular brand in india when it comes to the LED TV. They have best priced and LED Tv with latest features. They have come with 3D TV, latest USB support and HDMI support LED TVs as well. Samsung is loved by the all users and has the highest user ratings.

#2 Sony

This Japanese company has big operation in India and was one of the highest selling LED TV brand in India. Sony is always known for their good music quality with speakers and TVs. If you too love to listen audio on Dolby digital, we recommend you to go with the LED TV.

#3 LG

When it comes to electric appliances, home appliances or kitchen appliances, LG is having the biggest range of products. They have the best range of products with wide range and low price tags on each LED TV. Though, many users have complained that they are not happy with the after sales service of the LG and the reason they are on 3d place. And, LG tops on the list of most innovative products in Indian market.

#4 Panasonic

If you are looking for best product with low price, you must go with Panasonic brand. They have good picture quality product (not best though) but in good low rate. Panasonic brand has quite affordable price in LED TV market.

#5 Micromax

The Indian brand, and one of the most popular in mobile manufacturing, Micromax has just entered in the LED market and having highest selling TVs which are quite popular among the users. Though, as mentioned they are new, they don’t have much options or range in LED TVs. We wish they improve the options list and get on the top of the list.

These are the top 5 brands of 32 inch LED TV in india. We highly recommend you to read our other post like buying guide for LED TV and safest distance to watch LED TV at home before you go to buy new LED TV for you home. For more updates and to check reviews of latest TVs, keep visiting OTS.


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