How to Choose the Best Cotton Bed Sheets for Home Use?

Are you looking for buying new cotton sheet for home? It is very difficult for us to choose the perfect bed sheet which can match your bed room interior and much more. Here we are sharing more tips on interior designing which will help you to choose the best cotton bed sheets.

Cotton Bed SheetsBelow are some of the points you need to consider while buying new bed sheets;

Thread count

You must look for the thread counts of the bed sheet. There are many different count of thread count available for bed sheet. You should go for higher thread count bed sheets as the higher thread counts provides more comfort. 

There are many Egyptian cotton sheets available in market which provide 1000 thread count. We suggest you to check all the bed sheet with respected thread count before you buy online.


You must check out the material of your cotton sheet. There are many popular cotton material available in market which can provide you better match. 

We have materials like Pima material, Bamboo material and many more. You can check the list of popular cotton materials in the world at


You must check the designs of your bed sheets. You can choose between plains or prints. You will get so many designs available for the bed sheets on the online shop. 

These are the points you need to consider while buying new bed sheets. Apart from that you need to check the price of the beed sheet. Mostly in the price range of $40 to $90 you will get best cotton material bed sheet with design. You can ask us more query on the below comment section.

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