How to select the Best 65 inch TV ? – MUST Read**

Nowadays, a number of new and expensive choices are available for LED TVs. Therefore, it can become a tricky question that which brand will be better for you. It is natural to get confused among several options.

65 inch TVIf you want to find out the appropriate 65 inch LED TV, then you have to do a little bit of research. You have to make a detailed comparison, otherwise, you can end up paying more amounts for a brand that may be outdated after few months and will not provide the desired latest features or the most recent display.

So, for your convenience, some points discussed below, so that you can make a better decision.

Sony XBR-65X930C 4K 65-inch LED TV

Among the non-OLED televisions, this particular model offers some extraordinary contrast features among the LED-LCD television on the market. It boasts with an edge-lit LED backlight along with local dimming feature and it is the main reason for the superior image quality of this model, as compared to the other models having the similar display technology.

In an addition, it associated with the 4K resolution that is perfect for a display having this size (65 inches). This particular Television uses the Android TV from Google as its Smart TV platform (along with Sony’s X1 processor) that is another powerful feature. It has side-mounted speakers for providing the better audio quality than many other high resolution and thin televisions. It implies that the users do not have to invest in a home theater system or a soundbar. Another amazing feature is that Sony 930C is HDR compatible that is offering deeper blacks and brighter brights.

Samsung UN65JS8500 4K LED TV

Samsung is using SUHD as a brand name for promoting its 4K resolution in the UN65JS8500 TV. It is a 65-inch television providing LED-LCD display technology along with the edge-lighting feature. The capability of producing deep blacks is particularly powerful in this Samsung model. This model is HDR compatible.

Vizio M65-C1 4K LED TV

The 4K image quality of this model is amazingly good for one unit in its price range. This model has a full-array LED backlight that offering a powerful contrast in this TV. It has five HDMI ports as well. In the competition of the best 65-inch television, this brand is a strong competitor.

LG 65UF9500 4K LED TV

The LG 65UF9500 is providing amazing wide-angle viewing features. It has the feature of screen refresh of 120Hz that performs well for gaming while little to no blurring problems is there. It has the capability to upscale the HD video to 4K resolution.

Whenever you are going to purchase a new 65 Inch TV, then you should consider the following points:-

Go for the Appropriate Resolution: The popularity of 4K resolution televisions is constantly rising and in this scenario, you may try to save some amount by purchasing an older 1080p HD resolution TV. However, if your priority is longevity, then you should go with 4K resolution.

Refresh Rate: If you want to play games or watch sports on your 65 inch TV, then you should select a unit with at least 120Hz of refresh rate.

You should also compare the price before proceeding.

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