What is the Safest Distance to watch TV at Home?

Closer and bigger is generally better when the question comes to selecting the appropriate Television for your home. It is a vital factor on which the price of a TV hugely depends. However, it has a significant influence on the identified picture quality.

Safest Distance to watch tvField of View

Nowadays, resolutions featured with exclusively almost 4k/Ultra HD. In case of a movie theater, the TV fills with more view and as a result, the content will appear as the more captivating.

Not every user prefers the TV of the largest screen for watching. However, the visual system of the human being featured with a specific angle of view of around 135 degrees horizontally and that is why it is better to get a large TV (as much as you can) for watching movies.

As per the Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers’ guidelines, for having a minimum good experience, sitting at a specific distance, where it (screen) fills up around 30° of the viewer’s field of vision works.

This usually gives a good guidance; however, the viewers, who use their Televisions for mostly watching movies, might be benefitted from sitting a little closer to get a further theater-like experience.

The SMPTE “reference” position for the movie theaters as well as the THX recommendation is around 40°. The minimum ‘angle of vision’ works properly for most of the usages.

Angular Resolution

Larger ‘field of view’ was only possible with the Full HD resolutions; however, 4k increases that capability even further. Closer view to a 1080p TV makes a feeling that the TV is being watched throughout one screen door, though in case of high quality 1080p HD movie.

The more the viewing distance of the TV increases, the more will be its details’ density what will produce a better picture. Angular resolution is nothing but pixels per angle. The further the distance, the larger the angular resolution will result in.

The angular resolution enhancement limit is dependent on the viewer’s visual acuity if he or she is stepping back to some extent. At some specific point, their (the viewers) eyes are not sufficiently fine for distinguishing each of the detail. According to the studies, a person with 20/20 vision (that is 6/6 in Europe) is able to distinguish something 1/60 of a degree separately.


The cost of a Television is fully exponential to the size of that Television.

The 30 degrees angle of vision has been recommended for the mixed usage. Getting a 4k Television is better, as the 1080p alternatives have limited completely and they do not feature the modern functionalities like HDR.

If you want to find out the preferred size of a TV for your next purchase, then you have to divide the TV viewing distance (in terms of inches) by 1.6 and you will have the result of a 30 degrees angle (approximately). In case the premium size overbudgets, you should go for the biggest TV what supports your budget.

If you experience any further difficulty, then it will be better to talk to the Television expert in this regard.

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