The word "Orthodox" is derived from two short Greek words, orthos, meaning correct, and doxa, meaning belief or glory. Thus, we used the word "Orthodox'' to indicate our conviction that we believe and worship God correctly. We emphasize Apostolic tradition and continuity from 1st Centuary A.D

Orthodox Church is actually a collection of different national churches (Indian, Coptic, Ethiopian, Greek, Russian, Romanian,  Armenian etc) with different traditions, different liturgy, different Patriarchs but united in faith. Each church is independent with its own Patriarch and Synod. Orthodox Church denounces the concept of supremacy of one church over other and this is the major difference between Orthodox Church and Roman Catholic Church which believes in the heresy of supremacy of Petrine Throne.

Orthodox family is now divided into two branches. One section, Orthodox Churches of Byzantine tradition, accepts the Synod of Chalcedon while the other, Oriental Orthodox Churches, rejects it and both the branches are not in Communion. Recent discussions between both the branches of Orthodoxy helped to bridge that gap. The joint commission which was appointed to continue with the discussion to establish full communion, has found that both Oriental and Byzantine Churches share the same faith and there is no conflict between the faith of both the families regarding the nature of Jesus Christ. The declaration of inter-communion between both the families is expected soon. It should be noted that Late Metropolitan Mar Gregorios and Late Fr. V.C.Samuel - both belong to Indian (Malankara) Orthodox Church - played leading roles in these discussions.