Qualifications for Admission
A candidate in order to be admitted to the G.S.T. Diploma and B.D. Degree courses at the Seminary should have the following qualifications

  1. Normally only male members of the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church are admitted to the courses, though the faculty of the Seminary is occasionally empowered to waive this requirement where considered necessary and advised by the Church authorities.
  2. The candidate should have taken at least a Bachelor's Degree in Arts, Science or Commerce from a recognized university.
  3. The candidate should produce a certificate of commendation from his diocesan and sponsoring bishop along with his application for admission. He will have to produce a similar letter from his parish priest, as well as a certificate of good health from a competent physician.
  4. The candidate shall appear, when so invited and at his own expense, for a written entrance examination in Biblical knowledge, Church History, General knowledge and General English.
  5. If selected for interview, the candidate shall appear at his own expense, for a personal interview and oral tests in aptitudes for preaching and teaching, for singing and chanting, and other personality and health tests prescribed by the Seminary.
  6. The decision of the Seminary faculty is final in matters of admission.